S1 Episode #13-10.31.17-The Secret Weapons to Conquering ALL Fear-Cyrena Denniston

Fear can be downright crippling-spiritually, mentally, and most definitely physically.  Fear causes us to act irrationally, make poor choices, and hurt the people who love us the most.  In this special impromptu episode, I share my personal story of:

  • How fear developed in my life
  • Why I thought literally hiding (Yes, I really mean it-I hid) would be the best option
  • When the fear came to a breaking point
  • Why there is never any shame in dealing with fear
  • How I overcame and conquered my fears (*Note-I didn’t do it alone)
  • When fear comes, the Ultimate Weapons to face it head on and destroy it PERMANENTLY!!
  • How conquering fear, didn’t only give me the victory, but my family too!!

My family-Husband Dave, Daughter Gabrielle (12) and Daughter Evangeline (5)

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