S1 Episode #9 8.9.17-Pastor Frank Montgomery-“How Do I Truly Surrender ALL to God?”-Choosing to Trust Him Fully

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August is Mentor Month-This super special episode (ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR PASTORS), features a mentor in my life, Senior Pastor Frank Montgomery of King’s Circle Church (www.kcag.org) in Corvallis, Oregon, United States.  Frank trained and mentored me for close to 20 years of my life, and I credit a huge part of who I am today due to his training and leadership in my life.

What does it truly mean to surrender ALL of our life to Christ?  How is it possible to maintain consistent trust in God when things come at us from out of nowhere?   Frank shares some awesome insight from his own life experiences as a Husband, Father, Worship Pastor, & Senior Pastor and what it means to truly surrendering all of our life to Christ, as well as something we can easily choose to ignore that we all need in our life-ACCOUNTABILITY.

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