S1 Episode #15-12.15.17-Part 2-Beauty for Ashes, Joy for Mourning- Dot & Johnny Bell

Welcome back to Transformational Worship Podcast. Today we will close out 2017 with part 2 of Beauty for Ashes, Joy for Mourning with our special guests, my parents, Dot and Johnny Bell. Last time we left off with both of my parents sharing about their experiences of losing their mothers at an early age, not having fathers in their lives, and how that shaped them to move forward for success and not backward into depression, anger, and despair.

Even during that time they weren’t walking with the Lord, there was still something innate in each of them that said, “You’ve got to keep going, don’t give up.”  Listen and you’ll find out what that was. 

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Blessings to you-Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We’ll see you in 2018 for our 2nd season with new guests and some recaps on our 1st season!

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